Presentation 2009-07-24
Integrated Activity Monitoring Technique with Indoor Ambulatory Tracking and Physiopsycological Mental Indicators
Yasuaki OHTAKI, Akihiro SUZUKI, Georgios PAPASTEFANOU,
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Abstract(in English) This study proposes a novel procedure for indoor activity assessment by means of continuous and quantitative measure of personal physical and mental activity, basing on contents and contexture of location and behaviors. In this article, we focused on development of an integrated wearable instrument which is capable of both indoor movement tracking and monitoring of concurrent psycho-physiologically indicated mental activity. A body-mounted inertial instrument utilizing accelerometers, gyros, and a bolometer was designed to obtain feature of three-dimensional indoor locomotive behaviors. Skin impedance change by electro-dermal activity was measured as an index of emotional arousal. Potential usefulness for assessing indoor pedestrian was examined in our experiment with young male subjects. Continuous walking in a multi-story building and its mental activities were measured. The results suggested that the method feasibly identified subject's behaviors and momentary emotional responses simultaneously with detailed contents of the indoor context.
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Keyword(in English) Activity assessment / Activity classification / Electro-dermal activity / Inertial measurement / Barometer / Ambulatory monitoring
Paper # WIT2009-48
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Conference Date 2009/7/17(1days)
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Title (in English) Integrated Activity Monitoring Technique with Indoor Ambulatory Tracking and Physiopsycological Mental Indicators
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Keyword(1) Activity assessment
Keyword(2) Activity classification
Keyword(3) Electro-dermal activity
Keyword(4) Inertial measurement
Keyword(5) Barometer
Keyword(6) Ambulatory monitoring
1st Author's Name Yasuaki OHTAKI
1st Author's Affiliation Graduate School of Medicine and Engineering, University of Yamanashi()
2nd Author's Name Akihiro SUZUKI
2nd Author's Affiliation I.T Reseach Co., Ltd
3rd Author's Name Georgios PAPASTEFANOU
3rd Author's Affiliation German Social Science Infrastructure Service (GESIS)- Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences
Date 2009-07-24
Paper # WIT2009-48
Volume (vol) vol.109
Number (no) 152
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