Presentation 2009-04-21
Evolution and threat of botnet
Toshiaki SUDOH,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) The damage of a variety of security problems such as Information leakage, DDoS, and spam from terminal that hooks up to the Internet has expanded every year and the means has evolved highly, too. The mechanism being called the botnet in various shape is used for these security problems. A tedious function etc. to keep the continuance of the function offer even if generation and security countermeasures of various concealment functions and the troubles to escape from the pursuit and the analysis are executed are built in, and as for the botnet, a large amount of terminal is managed, and a stable function offer is done in not only the system sides of the software and the network configuration, etc. but also all elements of the method for construction and the operation method, etc. In this text, these functions and the evolution of the technique are described from the result of analyzing the system, the network configuration, and the operation technique etc. of the botnet that uses an analytical system using the honey pot etc. and is operated actually multipronged.
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Keyword(in English) Security / Botnet / Honeypot
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Title (in English) Evolution and threat of botnet
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Keyword(1) Security
Keyword(2) Botnet
Keyword(3) Honeypot
1st Author's Name Toshiaki SUDOH
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Date 2009-04-21
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