Presentation 2009-05-28
Human Resource Development for Promoting Shikoku Region based on Integration of "Knowledge of Shikoku"
Toshihiro HAYASHI, Masanobu SUZUKI,
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Abstract(in English) For promoting independent development of Shikoku, we must create cooperative region where the people can share the awareness "Shikoku is one community". Universities in Shikoku are expected to train the students as human resources for such cooperative region. They organize e-Knowledge Consortium Shikoku and provide e-Learning contents of their characteristic lectures. Through these activities, e-Knowledge Consortium Shikoku constructs educational infrastructure called "Knowledge of Shikoku" in order to train the above mentioned students. "Knowledge of Shikoku" consists of two subject groups. The former group is for general education courses to educate attractiveness of resources, brand, history, topography, culture, tradition, and so on of Shikoku. The latter is for professional education courses to tackle the various issues in Shikoku. With using "Knowledge of Shikoku" integrated in e-Knowledge Consortium Shikoku, we can introduce the attractiveness of Shikoku to all over the country, provide characteristic educational programs to train the students who love Shikoku and have high level specialty, and then enhance independent development of Shikoku. In addition, we believe that the students trained by these programs participate actively in Shikoku and then the knowledge power in Shikoku can be improved.
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Keyword(in English) e-Knowledge Consortium Shikoku / Shikoku / Knowledge of Shikoku / Shikokugaku / Human Resource Development / e-Learning
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Title (in English) Human Resource Development for Promoting Shikoku Region based on Integration of "Knowledge of Shikoku"
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Keyword(1) e-Knowledge Consortium Shikoku
Keyword(2) Shikoku
Keyword(3) Knowledge of Shikoku
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1st Author's Name Toshihiro HAYASHI
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2nd Author's Name Masanobu SUZUKI
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Date 2009-05-28
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