Presentation 2008-10-30
JST and MEXT SFQ Device Projects : For New Innovation of SFQ Electronics
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Abstract(in English) There are two different ongoing projects related to the single-flux-quantum (SFQ) circuit. One is the project titled "SFQ integrated circuits based on localized electromagnetic waves" supported by the Ministry of education, culture sports, science and technology (MEXT) of Japanese government. The other is titled "SFQ Reconfigurable Data Path (RDP) Processor." Both projects aim for actual utilization around 2015. In particular, we focus on scientific calculations as an application of the SFQ integrated circuit in the CREST project. We will obtain high performance in calculations by introducing an SFQ accelerator based on a new architecture suitable for the SFQ circuit. We have already demonstrated floating-point adder/multiplier and SFQ-RDP prototype. On the other hand, in the MEXT project, we are building a design circumstance in which we make the most of the ballistic propagation of SFQ pulses. In addition, NbN self-overdamped Josephson junctions and MgB_2 junctions are currently being developed for a post-Nb SFQ IC.
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Keyword(in English) Superconductor / Single-flux-quantum / Integrated circuit / Localized wave / Reconfigurable data path
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Title (in English) JST and MEXT SFQ Device Projects : For New Innovation of SFQ Electronics
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Keyword(1) Superconductor
Keyword(2) Single-flux-quantum
Keyword(3) Integrated circuit
Keyword(4) Localized wave
Keyword(5) Reconfigurable data path
1st Author's Name Akira FUJIMAKI
1st Author's Affiliation Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University()
Date 2008-10-30
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