Presentation 2008-07-17
Rescuing Rare Wild Animals in Hokkaido
Masako Inoue,
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Abstract(in English) Japanese cranes have been called as 'God of Marshland' and treasured by Ainu people. Until Edo period, they are considered to live in marshlands around Hokkaido. In Meiji period, many people immigrated to Hokkaido. Many cranes have hunted and marshlands are changed to farms, so living space for cranes disappeared. Not only in Hokkaido, but also in Japan mainland, where is living space for cranes in winter, marshlands disappeared. Those are the reasons why Japanese cranes have been considered to be extinct. However 10 individuals were discovered in Kushiro marshland in 1924. It is designated as a National Natural Monument in 1935 and a Special Natural Monument in 1952. In 1950 feeding activity in winter is started and over 1200 Japanese cranes live in east Hokkaido. On the other hand, marshland, which is an important living space for them, is becoming smaller. They became too friendly with humans and new dangers, for example traffic accidents or rushing to electric cables, are appeared. So, they are in danger of extinction at the present. In this paper, protecting activities of rare animals in Hokkaido is introduced. In order to live with Japanese Crane in the future, we have to know their ecology, think what they really need, and take action. This is not only for Japanese Crane, but a common protection methodology for rare animals. Protecting natural environment, in which they can live, makes human life rich in tern.
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Keyword(in English) Japanese crane / Kushiro marshland / Hokkaido / Protecting activity / National Natural Monument
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Title (in English) Rescuing Rare Wild Animals in Hokkaido
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Keyword(1) Japanese crane
Keyword(2) Kushiro marshland
Keyword(3) Hokkaido
Keyword(4) Protecting activity
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Date 2008-07-17
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