Presentation 2007-05-17
Scale-Free Property of Directed Networks with Two Intrinsic Vertex Weights
Kazuhiro NAKAMURA, Shigeo SHIODA,
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Abstract(in English) This work proposes a network model to understand the scale-free property of directed networks. The proposed model assigns two intrinsic variables (incoming and outgoing weights) to every node. A directed link is established from node i to node j if the sum of outgoing weight of node i and the incoming weight of node j exceeds a given threshold. The proposed model allows us to know the exact analytical expressions for degree distributions and clustering. For example, the in-degree and out-degree distributions have power-law tails and their scaling exponents are controllable within the range (1,∞). The average clustering coefficient of nodes with out-degree (or in-degree) n also has a power-low tail as a function of n. We also find that the scaling exponent of the clustering coefficient depends on the correlation between incoming and outgoing weights.
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Keyword(in English) scale free / directed graph / degree distribution / cluster coefficient / vertex intrinsic variable
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Conference Date 2007/5/10(1days)
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Title (in English) Scale-Free Property of Directed Networks with Two Intrinsic Vertex Weights
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Keyword(1) scale free
Keyword(2) directed graph
Keyword(3) degree distribution
Keyword(4) cluster coefficient
Keyword(5) vertex intrinsic variable
1st Author's Name Kazuhiro NAKAMURA
1st Author's Affiliation Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University()
2nd Author's Name Shigeo SHIODA
2nd Author's Affiliation Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University
Date 2007-05-17
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Number (no) 37
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