Presentation 2007-04-20
Trends and Future Problems of IT Systems High Availability : From Mainframes to Open Systems
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Abstract(in English) Wide use of information technology increases the inportance of information system failure avoidance. It is a problem to make information systems integrated with open IT component more dependable under the pressure of lower prices. We address this problem by clarifying the basic framework of information systems reliability, surveying reliability technology which have been used in mainframes and open systems, and analyzing statistics and actual cases of recent information system failures. It is obtained that the reliability of open systems is becoming close to that of mainframes, that it is required to achive higher reliability and lower prices at the same time, and that it is necessary to level up the reliability including human operators and xSP service that have attracted less attention ever.
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Keyword(in English) IT / reliability / mainframes / open / fault-tolerant / failure / case-study
Paper # CPSY2007-5,DC2007-5
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Conference Date 2007/4/13(1days)
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Title (in English) Trends and Future Problems of IT Systems High Availability : From Mainframes to Open Systems
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Keyword(1) IT
Keyword(2) reliability
Keyword(3) mainframes
Keyword(4) open
Keyword(5) fault-tolerant
Keyword(6) failure
Keyword(7) case-study
1st Author's Name Toru SHONAI
1st Author's Affiliation Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.()
Date 2007-04-20
Paper # CPSY2007-5,DC2007-5
Volume (vol) vol.107
Number (no) 17
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