Presentation 2007/3/8
Security monitoring for high speed networks
Yutaka MIYAKE,
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Abstract(in English) Many people use the Internet for on-line shopping, network banking, etc., and such critical applications that handle important information are expanded rapidly. Because the Internet becomes the important social infrastructure, its failure causes confusion in many situations. However, because the Internet had been developed to connect many networks easily, security issues were not so considered at the first stage of the Internet researches. Therefore, network malfunction, phishing, information leaking, etc. have been occurred on the Internet. In order to resolve these problems, researches on network monitoring and control for security have become important. This paper describes the current status and problems of security monitoring for high speed networks.
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Keyword(in English) High speed Network / Security / Network monitoring / DoS/DDoS Attack / Intrusion detection
Paper # CPSY2006-77,DC2006-91
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Conference Date 2007/3/8(1days)
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Title (in English) Security monitoring for high speed networks
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Keyword(1) High speed Network
Keyword(2) Security
Keyword(3) Network monitoring
Keyword(4) DoS/DDoS Attack
Keyword(5) Intrusion detection
1st Author's Name Yutaka MIYAKE
1st Author's Affiliation KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.()
Date 2007/3/8
Paper # CPSY2006-77,DC2006-91
Volume (vol) vol.106
Number (no) 603
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