Presentation 2006-10-17
String Matching for PPM Compressed Data
Toshihiro OKURA, Masato KITAKAMI,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Fast pattern matching for compressed data get more important as the compressed data size gets lager. It also improves dependability of the compressed data by providing fast virus scanning for the compressed data. Compressed Pattern Matching, or CPM, is a class of fast pattern matching method and is executed without decompression of the compressed data. CPM for PPM compression, which is based on context matching and achieves good compression ratio, however, has not been proposed yet. This paper proposed CPM for PPM compression. The proposed method adds information on tree structure which is constructed in compression to the compressed data. CPM is executed by scanning the additional information. Computer simulation says that proposed method requires 0.1%-5% file size overhead for half of the sample files.
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Keyword(in English) Data compression / Fast pattern matching / CPM(Compressed Pattern Matching) / PPM compression
Paper # DE2006-119,DC2006-26
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Conference Date 2006/10/10(1days)
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Title (in English) String Matching for PPM Compressed Data
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Keyword(1) Data compression
Keyword(2) Fast pattern matching
Keyword(3) CPM(Compressed Pattern Matching)
Keyword(4) PPM compression
1st Author's Name Toshihiro OKURA
1st Author's Affiliation Graduate School of Science and Technology, Chiba University()
2nd Author's Name Masato KITAKAMI
2nd Author's Affiliation Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University
Date 2006-10-17
Paper # DE2006-119,DC2006-26
Volume (vol) vol.106
Number (no) 290
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