Presentation 2006/6/29
Round-Scope : A Device of the Vison Compensation in Vehicle
Manabu NOZUE, Naoto YAMAGUCHI, Nobuyuki TAMORI, Akichika SHIOMI,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Blind spots in the field of vision of vehicle drivers are a major cause of traffic accidents. In this paper, we describe the "Round-Scope" to cover the blind spots around vehicles. Round-Scope provides for the driver all-around vision by using omnidirectional camera and a grip sensor. Two omnidirectional cameras equipped with hyperboloidal mirrors are mounted on the front left and rear right sides of the vehicle. The grip sensor is implemented using surface mounting switches. A display image is transformed from captured omnidirectional images using real time image processing to provide perspective images. View direction is directed by the driver using the grip sensor. In conclusion, it can be claimed that our prototype system succeeds in achieving "round vision" covering the blind spots around vehicle.
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Keyword(in English) Omnidirectional Camera / HyperOmni Vison / Driving Support / Interface System
Paper # WIT2006-27
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Committee WIT
Conference Date 2006/6/29(1days)
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Title (in English) Round-Scope : A Device of the Vison Compensation in Vehicle
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Keyword(1) Omnidirectional Camera
Keyword(2) HyperOmni Vison
Keyword(3) Driving Support
Keyword(4) Interface System
1st Author's Name Manabu NOZUE
1st Author's Affiliation Graduate School of Informatics, Shizuoka University()
2nd Author's Name Naoto YAMAGUCHI
2nd Author's Affiliation Graduate School of Science and Technology, Shizuoka University
3rd Author's Name Nobuyuki TAMORI
3rd Author's Affiliation Faculty of Informatics, Shizuoka University
4th Author's Name Akichika SHIOMI
4th Author's Affiliation Faculty of Informatics, Shizuoka University
Date 2006/6/29
Paper # WIT2006-27
Volume (vol) vol.106
Number (no) 144
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#Pages 6
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