Presentation 2006/3/10
Real-Time Dynamic Frequency Scaling Technique by Feedback Control
Tetsuro NAKAMURA, Shinpei KATO, Hidenori KOBAYASHI, Nobuyuki YAMASAKI,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Dynamic Freqency Scaling (DFS) and Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) are promising techniques for embedded systems, which scale freqency and voltage, in order to reduce the energy consumption. However, most of existing DFS techniques for hard real-time system are not practical, since they compute the freqency scaling every time contexts are switched. In this paper, we propose a DFS technique for soft real-time systems, which is able to provide significant energy savings with controling the deadline miss ratio in a constant range. Also, the proposed DFS technique is more practical than the existing techniques, since it controls the freqency only at a certain period. The simulation experiments demonstrate that the proposed technique is able to save up nearly as much energy as the exsisting techniques with controling the deadline miss ratio in a constant range.
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Keyword(in English) Real-Time System / Energy Consumption / Feedback Control / Dynamic Frequency Scaling
Paper # CPSY2005-78,DC2005-98
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Conference Date 2006/3/10(1days)
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Title (in English) Real-Time Dynamic Frequency Scaling Technique by Feedback Control
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Keyword(1) Real-Time System
Keyword(2) Energy Consumption
Keyword(3) Feedback Control
Keyword(4) Dynamic Frequency Scaling
1st Author's Name Tetsuro NAKAMURA
1st Author's Affiliation Keio University()
2nd Author's Name Shinpei KATO
2nd Author's Affiliation Keio University
3rd Author's Name Hidenori KOBAYASHI
3rd Author's Affiliation Keio University
4th Author's Name Nobuyuki YAMASAKI
4th Author's Affiliation Keio University
Date 2006/3/10
Paper # CPSY2005-78,DC2005-98
Volume (vol) vol.105
Number (no) 672
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