Presentation 2006/2/10
A Statistical Study on Fault Coverage of the Logic BIST with LFSR
Satoshi FUKUMOTO, Harunobu KUROKAWA, Masayuki ARAI, Kazuhiko IWASAKI,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) This paper discusses the statistical evaluation for exploring the effective parameter values of a test pattern generator. Those parameter values affect the generation of test pattern sequences whose performances of fault detection differ from one by one. We consider two cases of handling terminal conditions of the fault simulation. One case is that the simulation is terminated by a given number of test patterns. And the other is that by given fault coverage. The results show that the formar case has the advantage of statistically accurate assessment for the exploring overhead, and so on.
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Keyword(in English) LFSR / BIST / test pattern sequence / fault coverage / residual faults / normal distribution
Paper # DC2005-75
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Conference Date 2006/2/10(1days)
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Title (in English) A Statistical Study on Fault Coverage of the Logic BIST with LFSR
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Keyword(1) LFSR
Keyword(2) BIST
Keyword(3) test pattern sequence
Keyword(4) fault coverage
Keyword(5) residual faults
Keyword(6) normal distribution
1st Author's Name Satoshi FUKUMOTO
1st Author's Affiliation Tokyo Metropolitan University()
2nd Author's Name Harunobu KUROKAWA
2nd Author's Affiliation Tokyo Metropolitan University
3rd Author's Name Masayuki ARAI
3rd Author's Affiliation Tokyo Metropolitan University
4th Author's Name Kazuhiko IWASAKI
4th Author's Affiliation Tokyo Metropolitan University
Date 2006/2/10
Paper # DC2005-75
Volume (vol) vol.105
Number (no) 607
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#Pages 4
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