Presentation 2005/11/17
Noise-Robust Speech Recognition Using Weighted Modulation Spectrum
Naoya WADA, Noboru HAYASAKA, Shingo YOSHIZAWA, Yoshikazu MIYANAGA,
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Abstract(in English) On the modulation spectral domain, speech components and noise components can be separated by their modulation spectral bands. Although conventional methods extract speech components using band-pass filtering on running spectrum, those extractions are affected by limitations of filtering such as stability, filter steepness, etc.. Instead of it, we present Modulation Spectral Control. It realizes the feature extraction of modulation spectral bands with weighting factor on modulation spectral domain and is free from those limitations. The combination of it and Spectral Subtraction shows outstanding performance and flexibility for the variety of noise corruptions.
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Conference Date 2005/11/17(1days)
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Title (in English) Noise-Robust Speech Recognition Using Weighted Modulation Spectrum
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1st Author's Name Naoya WADA
1st Author's Affiliation Hokkaido University()
2nd Author's Name Noboru HAYASAKA
2nd Author's Affiliation Hokkaido University
3rd Author's Name Shingo YOSHIZAWA
3rd Author's Affiliation Hokkaido University
4th Author's Name Yoshikazu MIYANAGA
4th Author's Affiliation Hokkaido University
Date 2005/11/17
Paper # SIS2005-50
Volume (vol) vol.105
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