Presentation 2005-11-30
Low Power Design for IEEE 802.11 WLAN at the Medium Access Control Layer
EL Bourichi Adil, Hiroto Yasuura,
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Abstract(in English) The convenience and easiness to implement and use of wireless local area networks, such as IEEE 802.11, is contrasted by the high energy consumption of mobile computers due to collisions and interferences occurring on the wireless medium and leading to a high number of retransmissions a station must perform before there can be a successful transmission of a packet. Mobile stations being essentially battery-driven, it is important to ensure a long lifetime for these batteries and therefore energy-efficiency is an increasingly vital issue in the design of these systems. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to improve the Collision Avoidance mechanism specified in the IEEE 802.11 standard as a part of its Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol, by dynamically reducing the number of retransmissions required after a collision occurs on the medium.
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Keyword(in English) Energy Efficiency / WLAN / MAC protocol / DCF / CSMA/CA / RTS/CTS
Paper # VLD2005-57,ICD2005-152,DC2005-34
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Conference Date 2005/11/23(1days)
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Title (in English) Low Power Design for IEEE 802.11 WLAN at the Medium Access Control Layer
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Keyword(1) Energy Efficiency
Keyword(2) WLAN
Keyword(3) MAC protocol
Keyword(4) DCF
Keyword(5) CSMA/CA
Keyword(6) RTS/CTS
1st Author's Name EL Bourichi Adil
1st Author's Affiliation System LSI Research Centre, Kyushu University()
2nd Author's Name Hiroto Yasuura
2nd Author's Affiliation System LSI Research Centre, Kyushu University
Date 2005-11-30
Paper # VLD2005-57,ICD2005-152,DC2005-34
Volume (vol) vol.105
Number (no) 447
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