Presentation 1999/10/25
Enumerating of Functional Expressions and Bunsetsu Analysis
Yasuaki HYOUDO, Yutaka MURAKAMI, Takashi IKEDA,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Enumerating all or almost all functional expressions in real text is tried. The MAINICHI newspaper article of 4 years is analyzed by our Japanese sentence analysis system IBUKI and about 47k functional expressions are extracted. We divide these functional expressions at termination form point and get about 8k functional sub-expressions. Our investigation proved that 2k out of these 8k sub-expressions cover 99.9% of total appearance of functional expressions. We tried to build new function word dictionary on the basis of these functional sub-expressions. An entry of the new dictionary has larger granularity than the former and usual function dictionary. Here granularity means the number of basic function words composing the new function word entry. We expect and can demonstrate that this new function word dictionary reduces many erroneous analyses which often occurs in long strings of hiragana characters etc.
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Keyword(in English) function word dictionary / bunsetsu analysis / functional expressions / database
Paper # NLC99-19
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Committee NLC
Conference Date 1999/10/25(1days)
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Title (in English) Enumerating of Functional Expressions and Bunsetsu Analysis
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Keyword(1) function word dictionary
Keyword(2) bunsetsu analysis
Keyword(3) functional expressions
Keyword(4) database
1st Author's Name Yasuaki HYOUDO
1st Author's Affiliation Gifu University()
2nd Author's Name Yutaka MURAKAMI
2nd Author's Affiliation Gifu University
3rd Author's Name Takashi IKEDA
3rd Author's Affiliation Gifu University
Date 1999/10/25
Paper # NLC99-19
Volume (vol) vol.99
Number (no) 387
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