Presentation 2005/9/9
Perception of facial expression and emotional voice
Kazuhiko KAKEHI, Yuko SOGABE, Hideki KAWAHARA,
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Abstract(in English) There is a very large amount of studies about the perception of facial expressions. However, it is still controversial whether the perceptual way of a facial expression is dimensional or categorical. On the contrary, research on the emotional speech from the perceptual point of view has little studied, for it is difficult to continuously control the level of emotion in utterance. Recently, a new morphing method of speech has been proposed based on STRAIGHT, which is a kind of VOCODER realizing high quality synthetic speech. In this report perceptual characteristics of emotional speech were investigated using the new method, where the stimulus of emotional voice were varied in strength and changed continuously from one emotional type to the different one. First, it was investigated whether emotional perception of speech was categorical or not. The study results were compared with that of facial expression. Secondly, it was investigated to find the perceptual relationship among six basic emotional categories of voice in multidimensional psychological space. The characteristics of the perception of emotional voice were discussed compared with that of facial expression.
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Keyword(in English) morphing of emotional voice / categorical perception / facial expression
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Conference Date 2005/9/9(1days)
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Title (in English) Perception of facial expression and emotional voice
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Keyword(1) morphing of emotional voice
Keyword(2) categorical perception
Keyword(3) facial expression
1st Author's Name Kazuhiko KAKEHI
1st Author's Affiliation School of Computer and Cognitive Sciences, Chukyo University()
2nd Author's Name Yuko SOGABE
2nd Author's Affiliation Brain Science Institute, RIKEN
3rd Author's Name Hideki KAWAHARA
3rd Author's Affiliation Faculty of Systems Engineering, Wakayama University
Date 2005/9/9
Paper # TL2005-13
Volume (vol) vol.105
Number (no) 291
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