Presentation 2005/7/14
Aerial IT Platform at High Altitude "The Stratospheric Platform"
Ryu Miura, Mikio Suzuki,
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Abstract(in English) This paper summarizes the R&D achievements on the telecom and broadcasting systems using stratospheric platform (SPF) made through the seven-year project started in 1998. Beginning from the research on elemental technology such as the onboard antennas, flight demonstration tests using solar-powered aircraft, helicopter and jet were conducted, thereby the basics of elemental technology, manufacturing technology, and operation technology were established. Among them, the success of the world's first Japan-US joint experiment on the stratospheric relay using the solar-powered unmanned aircraft achieved in 2002 demonstrated our project activity to the world. We also had a success on the wireless link test using the JAXA's Low-Altitude Station-Keeping Airship kept at the altitude of 4km. We have also contributed in the creation of several Recommendations in ITU-R regarding the use of 31/28GHz band by SPF and led the world to ease the operational restrictions in Radio Regulations and to increase the number of countries that can use SPF. In this paper, remaining technical subjects and future perspective are also discussed.
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Keyword(in English) stratospheric Platform / HAPS / airship / solar-powered aircraft
Paper # A・P2005-64,SAT2005-15
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Title (in English) Aerial IT Platform at High Altitude "The Stratospheric Platform"
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Keyword(1) stratospheric Platform
Keyword(2) HAPS
Keyword(3) airship
Keyword(4) solar-powered aircraft
1st Author's Name Ryu Miura
1st Author's Affiliation National Institute of Information and Communications Technology()
2nd Author's Name Mikio Suzuki
2nd Author's Affiliation National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Date 2005/7/14
Paper # A・P2005-64,SAT2005-15
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