Presentation 2005/7/19
Trends and Issues found in PSA/PRA Techniques : Estimation of the Risk Reduction achieved by Safety-related Systems
Yoshinobu SATO,
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Abstract(in English) The overall system, to which probabilistic safety/risk assessment (PSA/PRA) techniques are applied, usually involve such system elements as an equipment under control (EUC), EUC control system and safety-related systems (SRSs). The SRS materializes the risk reduction of the overall system in order to achieve safety. Therefore, it is required to study proper modeling and formulation of the relationship between the risk reduction made by SRS and demand modes of SRS operation. However, the current status of international standards provides the PSA/PRA techniques limited to the special demand modes of operation, i.e. a low frequency and short-duration mode as well as a continuous (high frequency demand) mode only. It is important to establish appropriately the modeling and formulation generalized from the whole modes of SRS operation for good practice of PSA/PRA. Thus, in the present paper, a number of generalized PSA/PRA techniques resulting from the recent studies of the estimation of risk reduction by SRS are also surveyed and discussed.
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Keyword(in English) Probabilistic Safety Assessment / Probabilistic Risk Assessment / Safety-Related System / Operation Mode
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Title (in English) Trends and Issues found in PSA/PRA Techniques : Estimation of the Risk Reduction achieved by Safety-related Systems
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Keyword(1) Probabilistic Safety Assessment
Keyword(2) Probabilistic Risk Assessment
Keyword(3) Safety-Related System
Keyword(4) Operation Mode
1st Author's Name Yoshinobu SATO
1st Author's Affiliation Faculty of Marine Technology, Tokyo University of Marine Science & Technology()
Date 2005/7/19
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