Presentation 1994/1/28
Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness of a Plane wave through the Multilayered Media
Takashi Yamaguchi, Yoshifumi Amemiya, Takahiro Hayashi,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Abstract The electromagnetic shielding theory is usually explained by using transmission line analogy.However in this paper, rigorous expressions of the reflection and the transmission coefficients or the shielding effectiveness by a TM-mode plane wave at the oblique incidence to the multilayered media is analytically derived by using the electomagnetic field theory on the basis of Maxwell′s equations.The expressions are quite tractab le and symple for calculations.For the two layered model,it is shown in the exchange of each layers that the shielding effectiveness is identical though the reflection coefficient is different.
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Keyword(in English) shiolding effect / plane wave / multilayered media / reflection coefficient / transmission coefficient / electromagnetic absorber
Paper # EMCJ93-77
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Committee EMCJ
Conference Date 1994/1/28(1days)
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Title (in English) Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness of a Plane wave through the Multilayered Media
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Keyword(1) shiolding effect
Keyword(2) plane wave
Keyword(3) multilayered media
Keyword(4) reflection coefficient
Keyword(5) transmission coefficient
Keyword(6) electromagnetic absorber
1st Author's Name Takashi Yamaguchi
1st Author's Affiliation Kanazawa Institute of Technology()
2nd Author's Name Yoshifumi Amemiya
2nd Author's Affiliation Kanazawa Institute of Technology
3rd Author's Name Takahiro Hayashi
3rd Author's Affiliation Kanazawa Technical College
Date 1994/1/28
Paper # EMCJ93-77
Volume (vol) vol.93
Number (no) 454
Page pp.pp.-
#Pages 8
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