Presentation 2005-01-27
Examination of highly reliable Sn-Ag-X Pb-free solder
Masazumi AMAGAI, Tsukasa OHNISHI, Takeshi TASHIMA,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Sn-Ag-Cu alloys are leading candidates for lead free solders. However, Sn-Ag-Cu alloys were not satisfied to meet severe customer requirements. At first, optimum silver wt% was investigated to get the balance of drop, thermal cycling, bend test performance and solder internal voids. Addition elements were subsequently studied while observing reliability performance. Based on the results of board level reliability tests, new lead free solder has been developed. This paper presents the optimum Nickel and Indium elements in Sn-Ag based solder alloys.
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Keyword(in English) Lead free solder / Reliability / Drop test / Void / Nickel / Indium
Paper # CPM2004-161,ICD2004-206
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Committee CPM
Conference Date 2005/1/20(1days)
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Title (in English) Examination of highly reliable Sn-Ag-X Pb-free solder
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Keyword(1) Lead free solder
Keyword(2) Reliability
Keyword(3) Drop test
Keyword(4) Void
Keyword(5) Nickel
Keyword(6) Indium
1st Author's Name Masazumi AMAGAI
1st Author's Affiliation Modeling & Characterization Group, Tsukuba Technology Center, Texas Instruments Japan()
2nd Author's Name Tsukasa OHNISHI
2nd Author's Affiliation R&D Technicalcenter, Senju Metal Industry Co., LTD
3rd Author's Name Takeshi TASHIMA
3rd Author's Affiliation R&D Technicalcenter, Senju Metal Industry Co., LTD
Date 2005-01-27
Paper # CPM2004-161,ICD2004-206
Volume (vol) vol.104
Number (no) 626
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#Pages 4
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