Presentation 2004/10/22
Circuit Simulation and Moving Mesh Generation
Gilbert Strang, Per-Olof Persson,
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Abstract(in English) This paper outlines two different topics in computational engineering: 1. Many areas of applied mathematics lead to the same fundamental problem in numerical linear algebra. We will identify this problem for a network of resistors. Then we discuss the nonlinear problems of circuit simulation, and algorithms for solving them. 2. For partial differential equations (and also for computer graphics), an essential step is the generation of a well-spaced mesh. We describe a short, simple, and public code for unstructured meshes. Then we illustrate recent ideas in moving the mesh as the region changes. The third topic in Sapporo was wavelets. For a full exposition we refer to our textbook Wavelets and Filter Banks (Gilbert Strang and Truong Nguyen, Wellesley-Cambridge Press, 1996). A two-part Japanese translation of this book is published by Baifukan. This book concentrates on the connections to signal processing and image processing, including the wavelet transforms chosen for JPEG2000. For recent articles and other works on this active topic we refer to the Wavelet Digest on the web. With the space and time that is available, we want to emphasize the "fundamental problem of applied mathematics" and the new ideas in mesh generation. Our work on linear algebra (the essential subject!) appears on the course page Video lectures are also available on MIT's OpenCourseWare website under Mathematics. We hope these will be helpful to the reader.
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Title (in English) Circuit Simulation and Moving Mesh Generation
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1st Author's Name Gilbert Strang
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2nd Author's Name Per-Olof Persson
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Date 2004/10/22
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