Presentation 2004-10-15
Pulsed pre-pump method to achieve cm-order spatial resolution in Brillouin distributed measuring technique
Kinzo KISHIDA, Che-Hien LI, Shengbin LIN, Ken'ichi NISHIGUCHI,
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Abstract(in English) Distributed Brillouin scattering sensing that uses a pulse width down to Ins, which is one order of magnitude lower than currently available commercial BOTDA, was successfully examined in experiments by Bao et al. However, there are two problems in commercializing this technique: a) experimental settings must be changed each time the measurement is to be carried out on different objects, and b) the signal gets buried in the noise in long-range measurements. This paper introduces a method using a pre-pump pulse in front of a traditional laser pulse. Theoretical analysis of this new method shows that a cm-order distributed measurement can be realized that is free of fiber length. Accuracy of strain, distance limit, etc, are also quantitatively evaluated.
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Keyword(in English) pre-pump / Brillouin band width / cm-order distributed measurement / phonon relaxation time
Paper # OFT2004-48
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Conference Date 2004/10/8(1days)
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Title (in English) Pulsed pre-pump method to achieve cm-order spatial resolution in Brillouin distributed measuring technique
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Keyword(1) pre-pump
Keyword(2) Brillouin band width
Keyword(3) cm-order distributed measurement
Keyword(4) phonon relaxation time
1st Author's Name Kinzo KISHIDA
1st Author's Affiliation Neubrex Co., Ltd()
2nd Author's Name Che-Hien LI
2nd Author's Affiliation Neubrex Co., Ltd
3rd Author's Name Shengbin LIN
3rd Author's Affiliation Neubrex Co., Ltd
4th Author's Name Ken'ichi NISHIGUCHI
4th Author's Affiliation Mitsubishi Electric Co.
Date 2004-10-15
Paper # OFT2004-48
Volume (vol) vol.104
Number (no) 341
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