Presentation 2004-10-15
Characteristics of low macrobending-loss SMF (FutureGuideR-SR15E) with low water peak
Kentaro Ichii, Naritoshi Yamada, Munehisa Fujimaki,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) With the growth of the FTTH, the development of the optical fiber which allows small bend radius for the access network and the premise network is required. Furthermore, regarding advancement of FTTH, the optical fiber should have characteristics that can be applied to CWDM transmission. Therefore we developed FutureGuide^[○!R]-SR15E fiber which is suitable for the use in the access/premise network as well as Metro-core network. In FutureGuide^[○!R]-SR15E, absorption at E-band caused by hydroxyl ions (OH-) is extremely eliminated, therefore it can be used for 1260-1625nm wide band transmission. In addition, FutureGuide^[○!R]-SR15E can be used under bending condition with 15mm radius minimum. Attenuation increase of drop cable using FutureGuide^[○!R]-SR15E are not observed under several conditions.
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Keyword(in English) Low water peak / Bending characteristic / Drop cable
Paper # OFT2004-45
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Conference Date 2004/10/8(1days)
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Title (in English) Characteristics of low macrobending-loss SMF (FutureGuideR-SR15E) with low water peak
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Keyword(1) Low water peak
Keyword(2) Bending characteristic
Keyword(3) Drop cable
1st Author's Name Kentaro Ichii
1st Author's Affiliation Fujikura Ltd.()
2nd Author's Name Naritoshi Yamada
2nd Author's Affiliation Fujikura Ltd.
3rd Author's Name Munehisa Fujimaki
3rd Author's Affiliation Fujikura Ltd.
Date 2004-10-15
Paper # OFT2004-45
Volume (vol) vol.104
Number (no) 341
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