Presentation 2001/3/16
Roles of Shared Relations in Induction
Hitoshi OHNISHI,
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Abstract(in English) Two experiments examined the roles of shared relations between representations in induction. Lassaline (1996) found that shared attributes contribute to the inductive strength, but shared relations do not, whereas both shared attributes and shared relations contribute to similarity judgment. A structural alignment view of induction was generalized to account for these phenomena. According to the structural alignment view proposed in this paper, (1) insufficiency of the number of shared relations caused the dissociation between shared relations and inductive strength, and (2) structural alignment during similarity judgment made shared relations so salient as to increase similarity. Experiment 1 examined the first hypothesis. Participants judged inductive strength of arguments that had a crossing number of shared attributes and shared relations. The results showed that shared relations contribute to the inductive strength if a sufficient number of relations are shared. Experiment 2 examined the second hypothesis. The participants who rated similarity between categories of arguments prior to judgment of inductive strength judged arguments having a shared relation to be stronger, whereas the participants who only judged inductive strength did not judge so. The results support the proposed structural alignment view of induction.
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Keyword(in English) induction / category-based induction / similarity / structural alignment
Paper # TL2000-48,NLC2000-73
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Conference Date 2001/3/16(1days)
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Title (in English) Roles of Shared Relations in Induction
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Keyword(1) induction
Keyword(2) category-based induction
Keyword(3) similarity
Keyword(4) structural alignment
1st Author's Name Hitoshi OHNISHI
1st Author's Affiliation National Institute of Multimedia Education (NIME)()
Date 2001/3/16
Paper # TL2000-48,NLC2000-73
Volume (vol) vol.100
Number (no) 700
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