Presentation 2001/7/19
Molecular Photoelectrochemical Cells Using Self-Assembly
Sunao Yamada,
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Abstract(in English) Molecular films consisting of electron donor(D)-acceptor(A)pairs were fabricated on the conductive surfaces using the techniques of self-assembly, and their photocurrent properties were comphred. Appropriate spatial separation between the Ru complex and the viologen moieties was important for obtaining large photocurrents.In order to increase the absolute quantity of the adsorbed dyes, three-dimensional assemblies of gold nanoparticles and the dyes were constructed, resulting more than one order of magnitude larger photocurrents.The combination of the self-assembly and the surface sol-gel methods were successful for obtaining sequential build-up of D-A superstructures such as a porphyrin-C_60 Pair.
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Keyword(in English) Self-Assembly / Molecular Thin Film / Photoelectric Conversion / Gold Nanoparticle / Photocell
Paper # OME2001-42
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Committee OME
Conference Date 2001/7/19(1days)
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Title (in English) Molecular Photoelectrochemical Cells Using Self-Assembly
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Keyword(1) Self-Assembly
Keyword(2) Molecular Thin Film
Keyword(3) Photoelectric Conversion
Keyword(4) Gold Nanoparticle
Keyword(5) Photocell
1st Author's Name Sunao Yamada
1st Author's Affiliation Department of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University()
Date 2001/7/19
Paper # OME2001-42
Volume (vol) vol.101
Number (no) 226
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