Presentation 1994/9/9
Device Properties of Neuron-type Conducting Polymer
Masaharu Fujii, Yasunobu Kakumoto, Kiyomitsu Arii, Hideomi Ohnishi, Katsumi Yoshino,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Conducting polymer,polypyrrole,with a neuron-like pattern has been prepared electrochemically using a needle-to-circle electrode on a glass substrate or a PET film.Since the growth patterns are controlled by polymerization conditions such as concentration of monomer and, or electrolyte,neuron-type conducting polymers have been synthesized by changing the conditions during the polymerization.Two neuron-type conductingpolymer has been connected and thus a neural network-type conducting polymer has been made.The conductivity of the path between two neuron-type conducting polymers has been controlled by the third electrode near the path.The path of conducting polymer is doped or undoped by the voltage of the electrode.The current between two conducting polymer is changed by the length and/or the number of the applied pulse voltage at the third electrode.This neuron-type device has a characteristic of learning or memory,effect.Since many neuron-type conducting polymers can be connected at many sites,a new device of neural network is suggested.
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Keyword(in English) neuron / conducting polymer / device / polypyrrole
Paper # OME94-52
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Conference Date 1994/9/9(1days)
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Title (in English) Device Properties of Neuron-type Conducting Polymer
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Keyword(1) neuron
Keyword(2) conducting polymer
Keyword(3) device
Keyword(4) polypyrrole
1st Author's Name Masaharu Fujii
1st Author's Affiliation Faculty of Engineering,Ehime University()
2nd Author's Name Yasunobu Kakumoto
2nd Author's Affiliation Faculty of Engineering,Ehime University
3rd Author's Name Kiyomitsu Arii
3rd Author's Affiliation Faculty of Engineering,Ehime University
4th Author's Name Hideomi Ohnishi
4th Author's Affiliation Faculty of Engineering,Ehime University
5th Author's Name Katsumi Yoshino
5th Author's Affiliation Faculty of Engineering,Osaka University
Date 1994/9/9
Paper # OME94-52
Volume (vol) vol.94
Number (no) 225
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#Pages 5
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