Presentation 1995/7/28
Volume calculation off voids behind tunnel lining by use of ground penetrating radar
Kazuaki Okada, Masaharu Inagaki, Yutaka Saito,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Ground penetrating radar which was developed for tunnel survey has been proven to be a good device as measuring lining and void thicknesses. But there is not always a good correspordence between GPR calculated and grouted volume. Some reasons such as pore existence in rocks may be taken into account. In this paper we show the actual data comparizon and discuss about a practical calculating method.
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Keyword(in English) GPR / Tunnel / Lining thickness / Void behind lining / Grout / Void volume
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Committee SANE
Conference Date 1995/7/28(1days)
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Registration To Space, Aeronautical and Navigational Electronics (SANE)
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Title (in English) Volume calculation off voids behind tunnel lining by use of ground penetrating radar
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Keyword(1) GPR
Keyword(2) Tunnel
Keyword(3) Lining thickness
Keyword(4) Void behind lining
Keyword(5) Grout
Keyword(6) Void volume
1st Author's Name Kazuaki Okada
1st Author's Affiliation Tokyo Electric Power Company()
2nd Author's Name Masaharu Inagaki
2nd Author's Affiliation Geo Search CO, LTD.
3rd Author's Name Yutaka Saito
3rd Author's Affiliation Walnut LTD.
Date 1995/7/28
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Volume (vol) vol.95
Number (no) 191
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