Presentation 1993/5/21
Precipitation and Patterns : Turbulence,Precipitation Patterns and Solar Systems
Shoichi Kai,
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Abstract(in English) In the pattern formation of precipitating systems,nonlinearity of diffusion and, or(effective)reaction processes essentially plays an imporatnt role.In the present article the physical mechanism of formation,the universality and the methodology(mathematical method)are described using precipitating pattern formation as a concrete example,as well as similarity with turbulence,biological patterns and geophysical patterns.The main point of description is that the periodic law traditionaly called the spacing law in precipitating systems is resulted from a reaction-diffusion process in the presence of strong gradients of concentration,temperature and others,and however in the absence of such gradients non-thermal fluctuations play an important role for the formation of macroscopic patterns whichare usually nonperiodic and fragmental.We propose here the model and the results of its computer simulation including the effect of such non-thermal fluctuations.The some applications of this model are also descibed.
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Keyword(in English) Liesegang pattern / Turbulence / reduction of information / Bode′s law / Cascade process / 1/ spectrum
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Conference Date 1993/5/21(1days)
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Registration To Nonlinear Problems (NLP)
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Title (in English) Precipitation and Patterns : Turbulence,Precipitation Patterns and Solar Systems
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Keyword(1) Liesegang pattern
Keyword(2) Turbulence
Keyword(3) reduction of information
Keyword(4) Bode′s law
Keyword(5) Cascade process
Keyword(6) 1/ spectrum
1st Author's Name Shoichi Kai
1st Author's Affiliation Department of Electrical Engineering,Kyushu Institute of Technology()
Date 1993/5/21
Paper # NLP93-6
Volume (vol) vol.93
Number (no) 58
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