Presentation 1995/9/29
Dependent Switched Capacitor and Chaos
Kunihiko MITSUBORI, Toshimichi SAITO,
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Abstract(in English) This article proposes a novel chaotic circuit and analyzes synchronization of chaos from a coupling of the circuit. The circuit is Wien bridge oscillator with dependent switched capacitor (ab. DSC) and is suitable for IC chip implementation. The DSC function is instantaneous short of one capacitor at the moment when the capacitor voltage reaches a threshold. We can give a theoretical evidence for chaos generation. Next, we focus on master-slave synchronization of chaos by switching the slave capacitor depending on the master capacitor. We can give theoretical results which clarify robustness and basic mechanism for synchronization of chaos. Some of theoretical results are confirmed by laboratory experiments.
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Keyword(in English) Dependent switched capacitor / Synchronization of chaos / Wien bridge oscillator
Paper # NLP-41
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Committee NLP
Conference Date 1995/9/29(1days)
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Registration To Nonlinear Problems (NLP)
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Title (in English) Dependent Switched Capacitor and Chaos
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Keyword(1) Dependent switched capacitor
Keyword(2) Synchronization of chaos
Keyword(3) Wien bridge oscillator
1st Author's Name Kunihiko MITSUBORI
1st Author's Affiliation Electrical and Electronical Engineering Department, HOSEI University()
2nd Author's Name Toshimichi SAITO
2nd Author's Affiliation Electrical and Electronical Engineering Department, HOSEI University
Date 1995/9/29
Paper # NLP-41
Volume (vol) vol.95
Number (no) 280
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#Pages 8
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