Presentation 1994/5/13
Congestion Avoidance for Video over LANs
Toru Sakatani,
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Abstract(in English) Video, Audio packet transport over IP(ver.4)networks is not guaranteed for real-time coffmmunication if network congestion occurs due to excessive traffic.Congestion avoidance control is necessary for real-time video/audio communication over IP networks. A previous paper proposed an adaptive video bit rate control method by detecting network congestion.Its feasibility was verified by testing a pair of video communication terminals and traffic generators on 10 Mbps CSMA/CD LANs.This paper extends the experiments to include 6 - 8 video/audio communication terminals and data terminals on IP networks composed of a CSMA/CD LAN,or CSMA/CD LANs connected by a serial line.The adaptive bit rate control method originally proposed is found to be effective for real time video/audio transport and efficiently transporting data. A simple congestion detection scheme is proposed from the measured packet receiving times.Moreover,adaptive bit rate control can be applied when network resource reservation and admission control is introduced,and a simple admission control scheme is allowed.
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Keyword(in English) Video / Packet / LAN / TCP/P / Congestion Petection / Adaptive Bit Rate Control
Paper # IN94-46
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Conference Date 1994/5/13(1days)
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Title (in English) Congestion Avoidance for Video over LANs
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Keyword(1) Video
Keyword(2) Packet
Keyword(3) LAN
Keyword(4) TCP/P
Keyword(5) Congestion Petection
Keyword(6) Adaptive Bit Rate Control
1st Author's Name Toru Sakatani
1st Author's Affiliation NTT Human Interface Laboratories()
Date 1994/5/13
Paper # IN94-46
Volume (vol) vol.94
Number (no) 29
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