Presentation 1994/5/13
ATM Network Architecture Evaluation
Nobumasa Ishiwa, Makiko Yoshida, Hiroyuki Okazaki,
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Abstract(in English) This paper evaluates ATM network architecture in terms of tandem switch(SW),cross-connect(XC)and merged switch, cross-connect(SW-XC) functional allocation in two or three layered networks.We evaluate the network cost in changing the offered traffic between local switching nodes and the network size:Evaluation results show that the cost-effective functions allocated at the top layer nodes are changed.In low traffic conditions,SW allocation in the top layer realizes the lowest cost networks,while XC allocation in the top layer is cost-effective in high traffic conditions.In addition,the application area of using XCs extends with peak rate multiplexing compared with statistical multiplexing.Moreover,cost-effective network architecture is changed from two layered,network to three layered as the network size grows.
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Keyword(in English) ATM / network architecture / network evaluation / tomdem switch / cross-connect
Paper # IN94-44
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Conference Date 1994/5/13(1days)
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Title (in English) ATM Network Architecture Evaluation
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Keyword(1) ATM
Keyword(2) network architecture
Keyword(3) network evaluation
Keyword(4) tomdem switch
Keyword(5) cross-connect
1st Author's Name Nobumasa Ishiwa
1st Author's Affiliation NEC Corporation()
2nd Author's Name Makiko Yoshida
2nd Author's Affiliation NEC Corporation
3rd Author's Name Hiroyuki Okazaki
3rd Author's Affiliation NEC Corporation
Date 1994/5/13
Paper # IN94-44
Volume (vol) vol.94
Number (no) 29
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#Pages 6
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