Presentation 1993/10/22
Object Oriented Management Information Base
Yoshiaki Kiriha, Ichiro Imai,
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Abstract(in English) In OSI based network management systems,a management information base(MIB)which stores management information,is one of the most important components from the system performance viewpoint.This paper proposes an object oriented MIB(OOMIB)which employs an object oriented database.The proposed OOMIB consists of mainly two modules;directory information module and managed object data module.The directory information module stores a containment tree which represents the ″part-of″ relationship between managed objec ts.The managed object data module stores several kinds of instances which belong to some managed object class or some attribute class defined by C_++> language.This paper also describes two schema models each of which bas different clustering methods of the instances in non volatile storage.We have developed an experimental OOMIB which stores about 10,000 managed object instances consisting transmission networks including time-division multiplexers.Our evaluation results show performance properties of the two models for several access patterns.
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Keyword(in English) Management Information Base / Object Oriented Database / Network Management System
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Conference Date 1993/10/22(1days)
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Title (in English) Object Oriented Management Information Base
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Keyword(1) Management Information Base
Keyword(2) Object Oriented Database
Keyword(3) Network Management System
1st Author's Name Yoshiaki Kiriha
1st Author's Affiliation C&C Systems Laboratories,NEC()
2nd Author's Name Ichiro Imai
2nd Author's Affiliation NEC Miyagi
Date 1993/10/22
Paper # IN93-99
Volume (vol) vol.93
Number (no) 291
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