Presentation 1995/7/14
A Performance Analysis of Buffered DQDB network with Non-Geometrical Request Arrival Assumption
Shu Li, Yasumitsu Miyazaki,
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Abstract(in English) MAN (metropolitan area network) is the future high speed network to connect metropolis. Now DQDB has been adopted as the MAN standard by IEEE 802.6 committee and draws more and more attentions. The performance studies have been carried out in many aspects. However, till now they were mainly performed by simulation method ; only a few trials of theoretical analysis have been reported. In these analyses, all assumed that the request generation is geometrically distributed. This is not the real case. In this paper, we try to catch the real behavior of the DQDB stations by assuming that the request generation process depends on the value of request counter and propose an analysis of the DQDB system with finite buffer. The numerical results show that our model catches the properties of the DQDB stations well. The throughput in individual stations matches that of simulation very well within the range of traffic up to the channel capacity. Also the delay performance is good up to the moderate traffic load. Based on the results we can conclude that our analysis is valid and effective.
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Keyword(in English) MAN/LAN / DQDB / multiple access / distributed queue / broadcast channel
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Conference Date 1995/7/14(1days)
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Title (in English) A Performance Analysis of Buffered DQDB network with Non-Geometrical Request Arrival Assumption
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Keyword(1) MAN/LAN
Keyword(2) DQDB
Keyword(3) multiple access
Keyword(4) distributed queue
Keyword(5) broadcast channel
1st Author's Name Shu Li
1st Author's Affiliation Toyohashi University of Technology()
2nd Author's Name Yasumitsu Miyazaki
2nd Author's Affiliation Toyohashi University of Technology
Date 1995/7/14
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