Presentation 1996/4/15
A Proposal of a Virtual Subnetworking Scheme
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Abstract(in English) Logical subnets constructed over ATM-WANs are noticed as virtual LANs which extend LAN environment over wide area. However, conventional subnetworking techniques cannot achieve both heterogeneous hosts integration and QOS control based on application requirements. This paper proposes a virtual subnetworking scheme which can achieve these requirements. In this scheme, multiple types of address resolution functions are implemented in a single address processing server to support multiple transmission protocols in a single subnet. Interworking unite which connect user systems with ATM-WANs are operated as address processing clients. Cooperation between address processing servers and interworking units enables virtual subnets to provide a variety of network services. In addition, these virtual subnets can be effectively integrated into an internetwork.
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Keyword(in English) B-ISDN / ATM-WAN / ATM-LAN / virtual LAN / internet / multimedia
Paper # IN-96-8,CS-96-8,MVE-96-8
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Conference Date 1996/4/15(1days)
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Title (in English) A Proposal of a Virtual Subnetworking Scheme
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Keyword(1) B-ISDN
Keyword(2) ATM-WAN
Keyword(3) ATM-LAN
Keyword(4) virtual LAN
Keyword(5) internet
Keyword(6) multimedia
1st Author's Name Junichi MURAYAMA
1st Author's Affiliation NTT Telecommunication Networks Laboratories()
Date 1996/4/15
Paper # IN-96-8,CS-96-8,MVE-96-8
Volume (vol) vol.96
Number (no) 3
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