Presentation 1994/10/29
LEO Satellite Communication Systems under Nonuniform Traffic Distribution with Spread-Slotted ALOHA
Abbas Jamalipour, Masaaki Katayama, Takaya Yamazato, Akira Ogawa,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) An analytical framework to study the nonuniformity in geographical distribution of the traffic load in low earth-orbital satellite communication systems is presented.Throughput characteristics of the system with direct-sequence packet spread- slotted ALOHA multiple-access technique are evaluated and it is shown that nonuniformity in traffic makes the characteristics of the system significantly different from the results of the uniform traffic case and that the performance of each user varies according to its location.Moreover,the interference reached from the users of adjacent satellites is shown to be one of the main factors that limits the performance of system.A scheme which changes the ratio of the required transmitting powers to the satellites,is also purposed and is shown that withthis method we can improve the throughput performance in dense traffic areas to some degrees.
Keyword(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Keyword(in English) LEO Satellite / Nonuniform traffic distribution / Spread-slotted ALOHA / Throughput analysis
Paper # SAT94-57,CS94-129
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Conference Date 1994/10/29(1days)
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Title (in English) LEO Satellite Communication Systems under Nonuniform Traffic Distribution with Spread-Slotted ALOHA
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Keyword(1) LEO Satellite
Keyword(2) Nonuniform traffic distribution
Keyword(3) Spread-slotted ALOHA
Keyword(4) Throughput analysis
1st Author's Name Abbas Jamalipour
1st Author's Affiliation Nagoya University()
2nd Author's Name Masaaki Katayama
2nd Author's Affiliation Nagoya University
3rd Author's Name Takaya Yamazato
3rd Author's Affiliation Nagoya University
4th Author's Name Akira Ogawa
4th Author's Affiliation Nagoya University
Date 1994/10/29
Paper # SAT94-57,CS94-129
Volume (vol) vol.94
Number (no) 320
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#Pages 7
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