Presentation 1993/9/21
Superposed Transmission of Narrow-Band Limited SSMA Signals and Multi-Carrier High Speed Signals
Takatoshi Sugiyama, Shuji Kubota, Hiroshi Kazama, Shuzo Kato,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) This paper proposes a superposed transmission scheme of narrow- band limited SSMA signals and multi-carrier high speed signals.In order to improve the degradation due to mutual interference between SSMA signals and multi-carrier high speed signals,SSMA signals are lied between two high speed signal channels.Moreover,a band-limitation filter in the transmission side interference suppression filter whose bandwidths are narrower than Nyquist bandwidth of spreading chip-rate are employed.The proposed scheme simultaneously transmits twenty eight SSMA channels and achieves as 2.2 times SSMA channel transmission as those without filters.
Keyword(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Keyword(in English) multi-carrier high speed signals / SSMA signals / superposed transmission / band limitation / interference supression / FEC
Paper # SAT93-53,MW93-67
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Committee SAT
Conference Date 1993/9/21(1days)
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Title (in English) Superposed Transmission of Narrow-Band Limited SSMA Signals and Multi-Carrier High Speed Signals
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Keyword(1) multi-carrier high speed signals
Keyword(2) SSMA signals
Keyword(3) superposed transmission
Keyword(4) band limitation
Keyword(5) interference supression
Keyword(6) FEC
1st Author's Name Takatoshi Sugiyama
1st Author's Affiliation NTT()
2nd Author's Name Shuji Kubota
2nd Author's Affiliation NTT
3rd Author's Name Hiroshi Kazama
3rd Author's Affiliation NTT
4th Author's Name Shuzo Kato
4th Author's Affiliation NTT
Date 1993/9/21
Paper # SAT93-53,MW93-67
Volume (vol) vol.93
Number (no) 242
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