Presentation 1999/1/20
Path Loss Measurement in an Aircraft
Kazuo Yamamoto, Toshikiyo Hirata, Moriyuki Mizumachi, Tadao Sakai,
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Abstract(in English) This paper describes the ElectroMagnetic Interference(EMI)in avionics systems caused by portable electronic devices(PEDs). The path loss from PEDs to aircraft navigation systems and to cables on the cabin floor were measured in Boeing 777s. Results show that the total path loss from PEDs to navigation systems is 43dB in minimum and 90dB in average, suggesting the little probability of interference to avionics;however, there remains some probability of the interference. The path loss to the cables is large enough so as the interference through the path can be ignored. Several PEDs were used in aircraft cabin, both on the ground and in flight to investigate the interference. However, no interference to the navigation systems was observed during the test.
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Keyword(in English) Aircraft / Portable electronic devices / Electromagnetic interference / Path loss / EMI estimation
Paper # EMCJ98-101
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Conference Date 1999/1/20(1days)
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Title (in English) Path Loss Measurement in an Aircraft
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Keyword(1) Aircraft
Keyword(2) Portable electronic devices
Keyword(3) Electromagnetic interference
Keyword(4) Path loss
Keyword(5) EMI estimation
1st Author's Name Kazuo Yamamoto
1st Author's Affiliation ENRI()
2nd Author's Name Toshikiyo Hirata
2nd Author's Affiliation TOYOCOM
3rd Author's Name Moriyuki Mizumachi
3rd Author's Affiliation SIT
4th Author's Name Tadao Sakai
4th Author's Affiliation JAL
Date 1999/1/20
Paper # EMCJ98-101
Volume (vol) vol.98
Number (no) 511
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