Presentation 1996/10/18
Basic Problems of EMC Test Site [14] : Uncertainty of Obtained Correlation Factor between Different Sites and Necessity of Standardization on Free Space
Shigekazu SHIBUYA, Haruo ISHIZUKA, Toshio KINOSHITA, Kazuaki YOSHIMURA, Hideya ANDO, Akinori KAMESHIMA, Takashi SUZUKI, Juiti KAKU, Koujirou UNNO,
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Abstract(in English) Since the past ten years, CISPR has continuously taken up "the rationalization of the test method of EMI (to radiated disturbance)" as the most important problem, however, it has remained yet unsolved. That is, in the EMC Symposium held at Zurich Switzerland in 1991, IBM officially announced basing on the results of comparative tests by the 3-m method carried out at 34 excellent sites chosen out of all over the world, and disclosed that the values of EMI field strength obtained exhibit a dispersion of 10 dB or so. Germany pointed out in Beijin Conference 1994, the inadequacy of CISPR test method on actual data collected at 6 sites, giving a dispersion, greater than 10 dB. In the latest Durban Conference 1995, each country was requested again to cooperate in theoretical studies on problems relating to EMC test site and method. This paper coping with these problems explains theoretically that the CISPR recommended sites including the one by 3-m method give uncertain correlation factor that is liable to generate an error exceeding 10 dB, and also shows that this problem is solved only through making a free space of the test site and of the limits for radiated disturbance.
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Keyword(in English) EMC / test site / basic problem / free space / radio disturbance / correlation factor
Paper # EMCL96-46,MW96-98
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Conference Date 1996/10/18(1days)
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Title (in English) Basic Problems of EMC Test Site [14] : Uncertainty of Obtained Correlation Factor between Different Sites and Necessity of Standardization on Free Space
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Keyword(1) EMC
Keyword(2) test site
Keyword(3) basic problem
Keyword(4) free space
Keyword(5) radio disturbance
Keyword(6) correlation factor
1st Author's Name Shigekazu SHIBUYA
1st Author's Affiliation System Consultant SHIBUYA's Office()
2nd Author's Name Haruo ISHIZUKA
2nd Author's Affiliation ISHIIZUKA Radio Engineering Consultant Office
3rd Author's Name Toshio KINOSHITA
3rd Author's Affiliation EMCT Studay Group
4th Author's Name Kazuaki YOSHIMURA
4th Author's Affiliation Touin Gakuen Yokohama University
5th Author's Name Hideya ANDO
5th Author's Affiliation Touin Gakuen Yokohama University
6th Author's Name Akinori KAMESHIMA
6th Author's Affiliation KAMESHIMA Consultant Office
7th Author's Name Takashi SUZUKI
7th Author's Affiliation Net Alpha Co., Ltd.
8th Author's Name Juiti KAKU
8th Author's Affiliation Colory Co., Ltd.
9th Author's Name Koujirou UNNO
9th Author's Affiliation Colory Co., Ltd.
Date 1996/10/18
Paper # EMCL96-46,MW96-98
Volume (vol) vol.96
Number (no) 314
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#Pages 8
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