Presentation 1998/2/23
Depth Perception with Interchanged Stereo pictures
Takao Sato,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) when the two pictures of a stereo pair are interchanged, binocular disparity is completely reversed. Thus we should perceive reversed depth, if perception is solely determined by dispanity.However, we tend to perceive normal depth, i.e.a normal convex face instead of concave face(reversed disparity illusion). This interesting phenomenon was studied systematically through several psychological expenriments with photographs of human face. The illusion weakened when disparity was exaggerated, or when the familiarity of the stimulus was decreased by presenting negative or up-side-down photographs. These results indicate that the illusion occurs through complex dynamics among different depth cue systems.
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Keyword(in English) depth perception / stereoscopic depth / binocular disparity
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Conference Date 1998/2/23(1days)
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Title (in English) Depth Perception with Interchanged Stereo pictures
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Keyword(1) depth perception
Keyword(2) stereoscopic depth
Keyword(3) binocular disparity
1st Author's Name Takao Sato
1st Author's Affiliation Department of Psychology, Fuculty of Letters, University of Tokyo()
Date 1998/2/23
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