Presentation 1993/5/20
A Study of catalyst and plasma reactor in using reed switch : Test results of NOx Gas(NO2)
Yuji Hayashi, Kagehiro Itoyama,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Authors started to study the reaction of various gases by the new proposed device ″Catalyst and Plasma Reactor″ used reed switc h with holes.This new device may have the possibility to dissolve NOx gases through both effects of catalyst and glow discharge of Rh contacts in reed switch.We already explained the configuration and operation principle of this device,and reported the possibility of dissolving NOx gases from some test results in our report(NO1). In this report,we re-tested its dissolving possibility of NOx gases when changing NO percent(200 -5000ppm)and N02 percent(5000ppm)in N2,and pointed the possibility out again from some analyzed results of glow discharge voltages,NOx meter and photo-detector of glow radiation,and also clarified the dissolving ability of NOx gases,the current tendncy of glow discharge and the frequency tendency of AC contact load.The dissolving mechanism of NOx gases by this device was discussed from both diagrams of pontial energy and enrgy levels of N2 or NO gases.
Keyword(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Keyword(in English) Catalyst / Plasma reactor / Reed switch / Contacts / Glow discharge / NOx(SOx,COx)
Paper # EMD93-9
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Conference Date 1993/5/20(1days)
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Title (in English) A Study of catalyst and plasma reactor in using reed switch : Test results of NOx Gas(NO2)
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Keyword(1) Catalyst
Keyword(2) Plasma reactor
Keyword(3) Reed switch
Keyword(4) Contacts
Keyword(5) Glow discharge
Keyword(6) NOx(SOx,COx)
1st Author's Name Yuji Hayashi
1st Author's Affiliation Fujitsu()
2nd Author's Name Kagehiro Itoyama
2nd Author's Affiliation Nagasaki University
Date 1993/5/20
Paper # EMD93-9
Volume (vol) vol.93
Number (no) 43
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