Presentation 1993/12/14
A Diagnosis Support System of Chronic Liver Disease Using An Artificial Neural Network
Koji Oguri, Akira Iwata, Toshiaki Fukatsu, Kazunobu Yamauchi,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) A new diagnosis support system of chronic liver disease had been proposed.This system is composed of two steps.One is an artificial neural network steps.A back propagation neural network was designed to diagnose seven classifications of chronic liver diseases:CIH,CAH,LC,HCC,FL,ALD,Normal.The other is a medical rule base step.The output of a neural network are checked by this rule base.The network architecture had constructed each disease.Network inputs are consisted within 26 laboratory data per 187 patient cases.After being trained the system classified chronic liverdiseases correctly in 141 of 187 cases.An accuracy of 75.4% is higher than the averagescore(63.0%)by 5 medical doctors.When sufficiently sophisticated,this system may significantly improve the analysis of chronic liver disease.
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Keyword(in English) neural network / diagnosis support system / chronic liver discase
Paper # MBE93-98
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Committee MBE
Conference Date 1993/12/14(1days)
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Title (in English) A Diagnosis Support System of Chronic Liver Disease Using An Artificial Neural Network
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Keyword(1) neural network
Keyword(2) diagnosis support system
Keyword(3) chronic liver discase
1st Author's Name Koji Oguri
1st Author's Affiliation Education center for Information processing Nagoya Institute of Technology()
2nd Author's Name Akira Iwata
2nd Author's Affiliation Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering,Nagoya Institute of Technology
3rd Author's Name Toshiaki Fukatsu
3rd Author's Affiliation Hospital,Nagoya University
4th Author's Name Kazunobu Yamauchi
4th Author's Affiliation Hospital,Nagoya University
Date 1993/12/14
Paper # MBE93-98
Volume (vol) vol.93
Number (no) 375
Page pp.pp.-
#Pages 6
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