Presentation 1997/9/26
Adiabatic Dynamic CMOS Logic Circuit
Kazukiyo TAKAHASHI, Kentaro OZAWA, Mitsuru MIZUNUMA,
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Abstract(in English) Adiabatic dynamic CMOS logic (ADCL) circuit has been proposed for an ultra low power logic circuit. Availability of the ADCL is confirmed by the circuit analysis, computer simulation and experimentation using discrete components. Simplicity of the logic interconnection is nearly as same as CMOS logic. However, energy consumption of the ADCL circuit is almost 2 order less than CMOS logic. For the ADCL inverter loaded with a 0.1pF capacitor using W/L = 10p/1.5μ MOSFET's, it has been shown by computer simulation that the energy dissipation per operation is 0.39pJ if the supply voltage is 5V_ and 1MHz periodically triangular wave. For a conventional CMOS inverter, it was 23pJ under the condition that supply voltage is 5V DC and the input signal is 5V_ pulse wave.
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Keyword(in English) Adiabatic logic / Adiabatic dynamic CMOS logic / Dynamic logic / Energy dissipation
Paper # ICD97-145
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Conference Date 1997/9/26(1days)
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Title (in English) Adiabatic Dynamic CMOS Logic Circuit
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Keyword(1) Adiabatic logic
Keyword(2) Adiabatic dynamic CMOS logic
Keyword(3) Dynamic logic
Keyword(4) Energy dissipation
1st Author's Name Kazukiyo TAKAHASHI
1st Author's Affiliation Yamagata University, Faculty of Engineering()
2nd Author's Name Kentaro OZAWA
2nd Author's Affiliation Yamagata University, Faculty of Engineering
3rd Author's Name Mitsuru MIZUNUMA
3rd Author's Affiliation Yamagata University, Faculty of Engineering
Date 1997/9/26
Paper # ICD97-145
Volume (vol) vol.97
Number (no) 275
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#Pages 8
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