Presentation 1995/12/14
Searching Phrase Boundaries by the Method of Partial AbS of Fundamental Frequency Contours
Atsuhiro Sakurai, Keikichi Hirose,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) A method was proposed for using prosodic features in continuous speech recognition, and an experiment was realized in which the proposed method, called "partial analysis-by-synthesis", was used to determine the correct position of phrase boundaries. The method consists of comparing the automatically-extracted F_o contour of an utterance with the contours generated using the recognition hypotheses and a mathematical model. In order to deal with the high variability of the resulting error, even for correct hypotheses, as well as to improve the overall performance of the method, experiments were also carried out under two different conditions: using filtered F_o contours (the F_o contours were smoothed in order to minimize microprosodic effects), and adapting the initial conditions of the model (accent command amplitudes) to the specific speech samples of the experiments. At last, the method was evaluated at non-phrasal boundaries, with the objective of detecting different behaviors and qualitative clues that permit the differentiation between phrase boundaries and non-phrasal boundaries.
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Keyword(in English) Fundamental frequency contours / F_o model / partial AbS / phrase boundaries
Paper # NLC95-47,SP95-83
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Committee NLC
Conference Date 1995/12/14(1days)
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Registration To Natural Language Understanding and Models of Communication (NLC)
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Title (in English) Searching Phrase Boundaries by the Method of Partial AbS of Fundamental Frequency Contours
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Keyword(1) Fundamental frequency contours
Keyword(2) F_o model
Keyword(3) partial AbS
Keyword(4) phrase boundaries
1st Author's Name Atsuhiro Sakurai
1st Author's Affiliation University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering()
2nd Author's Name Keikichi Hirose
2nd Author's Affiliation University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering
Date 1995/12/14
Paper # NLC95-47,SP95-83
Volume (vol) vol.95
Number (no) 428
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