Presentation 1998/3/13
Media Transformation between Maps and Linguistic Guides for Route Communication
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Abstract(in English) Route communication is a primary task in communicating geographic information, and should be realized via appropriate media. In this report, we attempt to achieve the transformation, between maps and linguistic guides. It can be viewed as an example of the transformation between graphic and linguistic media. Analyzing the natural language sentence which is a guide, we extract basic keywords that are related to the route information, then generating the formal descriptions called route segment descriptions(simply called S Descriptions). S descriptions are internal representation that is independent of the media. Based on them, we search the matched route on the road network which is a structured data collecting map information. In the matching, the information expressed in terms of S descriptions are transformed into geometric information such as the direction and the distance. Once the route from the start point to the goal is determined, it is graphically superimposed on the map image together with landmark information. This map is easy to handle for various applications. We experimentally clarify the effectiveness of our method.
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Keyword(in English) Route Communication / Geographic Information / Map / Linguistic Guide / Road Network / Media Transformation
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Title (in English) Media Transformation between Maps and Linguistic Guides for Route Communication
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Keyword(1) Route Communication
Keyword(2) Geographic Information
Keyword(3) Map
Keyword(4) Linguistic Guide
Keyword(5) Road Network
Keyword(6) Media Transformation
1st Author's Name Yoshiro SUZUKI
1st Author's Affiliation ISIR.Osaka University()
2nd Author's Name Noboru BABAGUCHI
2nd Author's Affiliation ISIR.Osaka University
3rd Author's Name Tadahiro KITAHASHI
3rd Author's Affiliation ISIR.Osaka University
Date 1998/3/13
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