Presentation 1994/10/13
An irreducible multi-layer perceptron has a positive definite Fisher information matrix
Kenji Fukumizu, Sumio Watanabe,
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Abstract(in English) It is known that the Fisher information matrix of a multi-layer perceptron can be singular at certain parameters.In such a case many statistical techniques based on asymptotic theory fail to be applied properly.In this paper we prove rigorously that the Fisher information matrix of a three-layer perceptron is positive definite if and only if the network is irreducible,i.e.if,there do not exist a hidden unit that makes no contribution to the output, and there is no pair of hidden units that could be collapsed to a single unit without altering the input-output map.This fact implies,that,if a network has a singulax Fisher information matrix, it can be reduced to a network with a positive definite Fisher Information matrix by eliminating redundant hidden units.
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Keyword(in English) Multi-layer perceptron / Fisher information matrix / Positive difiniteness / Irreducibility / Minimality / Complex analysis
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Conference Date 1994/10/13(1days)
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Title (in English) An irreducible multi-layer perceptron has a positive definite Fisher information matrix
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Keyword(1) Multi-layer perceptron
Keyword(2) Fisher information matrix
Keyword(3) Positive difiniteness
Keyword(4) Irreducibility
Keyword(5) Minimality
Keyword(6) Complex analysis
1st Author's Name Kenji Fukumizu
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2nd Author's Name Sumio Watanabe
2nd Author's Affiliation Ricoh
Date 1994/10/13
Paper # NC94-33
Volume (vol) vol.94
Number (no) 272
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