Presentation 1996/10/4
An Authentication Protocol for Mobile Computing Environment and its Robustness
Mutsumi Ishikawa, Akio Takubo, Takashi Watanabe, Tadanori Mizuno,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) The rapid progress of technology makes mobile computing available. Among problems emerging in a mobile computing environment (MCE) is a user authentication protocol. In this paper we propose two authentication protocols in MCE. One is an extended version of Kerberos straightforwardly in a sense that mobile user accesses authentication server (AS) and ticket server. (TS) through wireless links. In the other AS and TS are accessed through mobile server, which are safer than the former. The advantage of the latter protocol is discussed from a viewpoint of its robustness to wire tapping, falsifying, impersonate and replay attack by an informal proof.
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Keyword(in English) mobile computing / authentication / security / Kerberos / wireless communication
Paper # DE96-67
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Conference Date 1996/10/4(1days)
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Title (in English) An Authentication Protocol for Mobile Computing Environment and its Robustness
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Keyword(1) mobile computing
Keyword(2) authentication
Keyword(3) security
Keyword(4) Kerberos
Keyword(5) wireless communication
1st Author's Name Mutsumi Ishikawa
1st Author's Affiliation Shizuoka University()
2nd Author's Name Akio Takubo
2nd Author's Affiliation Shizuoka University
3rd Author's Name Takashi Watanabe
3rd Author's Affiliation Shizuoka University
4th Author's Name Tadanori Mizuno
4th Author's Affiliation Shizuoka University
Date 1996/10/4
Paper # DE96-67
Volume (vol) vol.96
Number (no) 288
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#Pages 6
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