Presentation 1994/7/20
High critical current density Nb/AlOx/Nb tunnel junction.
Masaaki Maezawa, Masahiro Aoyagi, Hiroshi Nakagawa, Itaru Kurosawa, Susumu Takada,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) We fabricated high critical current density Nb, AlOx/Nb tunnel junctions and investigated their characteristics.Subgap excess currett increased with increasing Jc.This degradation of junction quarity is due to the defects of tunnel barrier which is considered to be quite thin for such high Jc junctions.It was found that Jc of the junctions for latching logic gates can be increased up to 10kA/cm^2.Subharmonic gap structure due to Josephson self-coupling was observed and it is shown that pair- quasiparticle interaction is important for characteristics of high Jc junctions.
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Keyword(in English) high critical current density / Nb/lOx/b junction / latching gate / Josephson self-coupling
Paper # SCE94-12
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Committee SCE
Conference Date 1994/7/20(1days)
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Title (in English) High critical current density Nb/AlOx/Nb tunnel junction.
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Keyword(1) high critical current density
Keyword(2) Nb/lOx/b junction
Keyword(3) latching gate
Keyword(4) Josephson self-coupling
1st Author's Name Masaaki Maezawa
1st Author's Affiliation Electrotechnical Laboratory()
2nd Author's Name Masahiro Aoyagi
2nd Author's Affiliation Electrotechnical Laboratory
3rd Author's Name Hiroshi Nakagawa
3rd Author's Affiliation Electrotechnical Laboratory
4th Author's Name Itaru Kurosawa
4th Author's Affiliation Electrotechnical Laboratory
5th Author's Name Susumu Takada
5th Author's Affiliation Electrotechnical Laboratory
Date 1994/7/20
Paper # SCE94-12
Volume (vol) vol.94
Number (no) 156
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#Pages 6
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