Presentation 1997/12/2
Parallel Data Mining System Architecture
K. Matsumoto, K. Maeda, Y. Yaginuma, M. Ikesaka, J. Hagiwara, H. Onda,
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Abstract(in English) Due to the growth of the information society and the dropping prices of data storage, companies are beginning to accumulate huge amounts of business data. This has attracted a lot of attention to the research and development of data mining, a technology for selecting useful knowledge from all data to determine company strategy. In data mining, it is important to provide a variety of analysis methods to enable users to choose one or more that best suit the purpose of their analysis and the nature of the data, and also to accelerate the analysis of huge amounts of data via parallel processing. In this paper, we describe a parallel data mining system architecture. First, we summarize the functions required by data mining systems and specify which components need to be accelerated by parallelization. Next, we emply a Memory-Based Reasoning analysis engine and explain the algorithm, the parallelization method, and the parallel performance.
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Keyword(in English) data mining / parallel computer / Memory-Based Reasoning
Paper # AI97-39
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Conference Date 1997/12/2(1days)
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Registration To Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge-Based Processing (AI)
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Title (in English) Parallel Data Mining System Architecture
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Keyword(1) data mining
Keyword(2) parallel computer
Keyword(3) Memory-Based Reasoning
1st Author's Name K. Matsumoto
1st Author's Affiliation Fujitsti Laboratories Ltd.()
2nd Author's Name K. Maeda
2nd Author's Affiliation Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
3rd Author's Name Y. Yaginuma
3rd Author's Affiliation Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
4th Author's Name M. Ikesaka
4th Author's Affiliation Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
5th Author's Name J. Hagiwara
5th Author's Affiliation FUJITSU LIMITED
6th Author's Name H. Onda
6th Author's Affiliation FUJITSU LIMITED
Date 1997/12/2
Paper # AI97-39
Volume (vol) vol.97
Number (no) 415
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