Presentation 1998/5/15
A Construction Method of CMP(Crypto Microprocessor)and Its Applications
Toshinare SUEMATSU, Hideki IMAI,
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Abstract(in English) In this paper, we present a new CMP(Crypto microprocessor), which contains encipher/decipher units, a secret memory, and CPU(Central processing unit). Software(programs and data) are enciphered in memory and storage devices, and the CMP deciphers the enciphered software piecemeal as executing, so that software can be securely executed without disclosing the deciphered form. Therefore, security of software is protected strictly. The CMP is upper compatible with a conventional CPU which does not contain any encipher/decipher units, so it is usable for a component of general-purpose computers(ex.personal computers). In addition, we show examples of software distribution methods which make use of the CMP.
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Keyword(in English) CMP / Microcomputer / Software distribution / Information security / Rights
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Conference Date 1998/5/15(1days)
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Title (in English) A Construction Method of CMP(Crypto Microprocessor)and Its Applications
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Keyword(1) CMP
Keyword(2) Microcomputer
Keyword(3) Software distribution
Keyword(4) Information security
Keyword(5) Rights
1st Author's Name Toshinare SUEMATSU
1st Author's Affiliation Nakamichi Corp.()
2nd Author's Name Hideki IMAI
2nd Author's Affiliation University of Tokyo
Date 1998/5/15
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Volume (vol) vol.98
Number (no) 48
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