Presentation 1997/7/19
The Capacity of a Channel with a One-way Function
Kazukuni Kobara, Hideki Imai,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Subliminal (covert) channels can hide the existence of a secret message. They are divided into broadband ones and narrowband ones. While a large amount of information can be transmitted over a broadband one, only a small amount can be done over a narrowband one. Previously it was shown that a channel can only be a narrowband one, when a one-way function whose image size is sufficiently large and which has no trapdoor is in between a carrier state which a receiver can observe and a parameter which the transmitter can control. However it is not clear that how many bits can be transmitted with how much error rate. In this paper, we clarify that, and also consider methods to try to maximize the information bits being transmitted when the error rate is kept under a certain value.
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Keyword(in English) channel capacity / one-way function / confidential communication / subliminal channel / covert channel
Paper # ISEC97-23
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Committee ISEC
Conference Date 1997/7/19(1days)
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Title (in English) The Capacity of a Channel with a One-way Function
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Keyword(1) channel capacity
Keyword(2) one-way function
Keyword(3) confidential communication
Keyword(4) subliminal channel
Keyword(5) covert channel
1st Author's Name Kazukuni Kobara
1st Author's Affiliation University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science()
2nd Author's Name Hideki Imai
2nd Author's Affiliation University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science
Date 1997/7/19
Paper # ISEC97-23
Volume (vol) vol.97
Number (no) 182
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#Pages 8
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